Ellie Bea

Overnight GGFE

(Genuine Girlfriend Experience)

My Overnight Genuine Girlfriend Experience is, well, just that!  

The idea for this package started out as a joke, but has in fact gained interest. 

Here's what you can expect.

Starting in the evening, you'll arrive and be welcomed by me and the doggo.  You can take a seat, put your feet up and chuck on the TV, or have a relaxing shower after your day.

We can make dinner together, or I can make it for you - or how about ordering in?

We share a meal together and chat about our day, the dog waiting for food to be dropped on the floor.

After dinner we snuggle on the sofa and spend 3 hours trying to decide on a movie. Once we finally choose, we relax into it. The cat walks in front of the TV and it's really annoying. That's when I decide I'm cold and need to get a blanket. I take too long because I've decided to put my PJs on. 

Snuggling up again with some sweet kisses and wandering hands, the dog decides he wants to go outside. I take this opportunity to suggest we have some ice cream.

By now we've lost track of the movie because we're getting hot and heavy on the sofa. We move to the bedroom because the dog is looking at us weird. 

Use your imagination for the next part. 

After that, we fall asleep in each other's arms.

The dog is back, and maybe the cat, and they wake us up because they want to get under the blanket. 

In the morning, after another romp, I bring you in a coffee to start your day - you'll need it because you probably didn't sleep too well as I was hogging the blanket, snoring or maybe talking in my sleep.

After a refreshing shower, and maybe a second cup of coffee, we sweetly kiss and say our goodbyes until next time.


Obviously, this overnight booking won't look exactly like that, but you get the idea.  It's a very informal way of getting to know each other and spending time together.  The pets are completely non-negotiable, they will be present, so if you're not an animal lover, consider my standard GFE Package!

All services within this package are covered. 

See my GFE Package for included services.

This includes sleep time, don't attempt to keep me awake all night. 

You can see my rates HERE